Welcome to the Backwoods Bliss Homestead!!

Welcome to the Backwoods Bliss Homestead!!

2024....How is that even possible?!  I swear that each year, the days may run slow, but the years FLY by!

First off, I want to Welcome you to Backwoods Bliss!! As many of you know, I have a passion for not only building my brand but for supporting other USA Small Businesses.  As I've spent lots of time reflecting on what my vision is for the BWB Brand as well as what Backwoods Bliss means to me + more, and what I want in my own life and the life of my family to look like, I have discovered that I want to live a more simplistic life.  As a family, we are learning how to do exactly that; live more simply with less "stuff".  We have been enjoying learning how to grow and make our own food, clear out the clutter, and find joy in the simple things.  I've talked to many who are also at this place in life. I've also spoken to some who aren't there yet, but have a desire to be and aren't sure where to start OR are just getting started.  And for some of you, you are complete pros!  Where-ever you're at, I want you to know that you are a ROCKSTAR even if you aren't at the same place as another!! We are all on a journey in this thing called life and what matters most is that each of us makes the most out of each day we are given no matter what that looks like for you! :)  

Now I am FAR from an expert or a pro, however, I/as well as my family have learned (and are still learning) some things along the way that I want to give back out there! Insert this blog! :) 

You can find here, first and foremost, what I feel MANY request from me is recipes! Unfortunately, we deal with food allergies & sensitivities in this house (sad face) but we've learned to overcome.  Food allergies can be overwhelming, frustrating, tiring, and all of the things.  I've been doing it long enough, I can pretty much turn any recipe into a good recipe and something my entire family likes. Here at our house, we aren't fans of creating 5 different meals that everyone can have/likes. As I come up with different things, I try to find things or make things that are healthy (most of the time), that fits our list of things we CAN have, and that doesn't taste like a cardboard box.  Let me also note: I am ALL about keeping things real; I'm not going to post a pretty picture of these Pinterest looking beautiful pictures of said recipe, if that's not really what it looks like.  I'm going to post the real, the true, & the raw and even if something doesn't "look" pretty, doesn't mean it won't taste pretty!! I promise you that the recipes I share will be ones that are whole family approved with or without the Pinterest worthy picture! :) 

Next, you can find tips and tricks I've found to help wean out clutter!! Whether that be by physically and/or mentally organizing, de-cluttering, and more! 

You'll also find in here other miscellaneous things that I've come across that are helpful little tips & tricks and things that reflect my country Midwest roots! 

I have had a huge calling on my heart to help others and as I reflected on what that might look like, I kept coming back to giving back by sharing things that have helped me along the way; I hope that by sharing, whether it be a recipe, a tip or trick, some inspiration, or whatever it may be that I will help someone else on their journey. The sky is the limit for this blog, & I'm excited to get it up and going! 

Cheers to 2024 & New Things!

Until Next Time,



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