Uniquely Rural

Bringing you our simple way of life, our traditions, & our love for God, Family, & Country!

All of the items we make here at Backwoods Bliss and that we carry, are designed and/or brought into the store with these things in the forefront of all of our inspiration that we love to bring to you, the customer!

The majority of our products are made and/or designed by us. We have a passion for supporting other small businesses and that is where our boutique side comes in! When you shop with us, you will also find some other awesome products that we have sourced from USA Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs located all across America. We do our very best to find products that are Made in the USA, so you will see that many of the products we carry are just that; Made in the USA!

We are from a small town and we know how important it is to find an item that is different and special. That is why we love to offer limited quantities to ensure that you not only find a variety of different items we offer or have come across, but that you can also get the full enjoyment of knowing that what you find is unique!

We take pride in our simple way of life & all of the hard work that goes into making an item whether we make it or another Small Business we've come across makes it. All of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!