How It All Started

How It All Started

Hey ya'll! 

Welcome to Backwoods Bliss!! We are so glad you're here!  If you reading this right now, your probably a bit curious and wondering "What kind of company or what is Backwoods Bliss?" Well, you’re in the right place because I'm here to share that with you! 

First off, let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me!  I'm Rochelle! (people call me Chelle, pronounced Shell).  I'm a proud wife and mom of 2 amazing twin kiddos who are the light of my whole world! I'm a stay at home mom by day, and a co-founder of this amazing company by night!  Family means everything to me!  Being a stay at home mom isn't always easy, and believe it or not, it is 100% a full time job, but it's something I wouldn't trade for anything in this world!  I feel blessed for the opportunity to be able to stay at home, raise our kids, and watch them grow into the amazing tiny little humans that they are!  I believe that if I can be a stay at home mom, start a company, and work part time all from home, anyone can! I always say time management follows the milestones of the kids; as their milestones change, as does my time management and schedule! 


Our family lives on an acreage in rural southern Iowa. My husband is in the agriculture industry, and I've been raised up on a farm with animals my entire life; specifically cattle, dogs, sheep, & horses. I have a Veterinary Technology degree, so I'm well versed between many, many animals!   I was raised showing and participating in 4-H & FFA, something I hope our kids will grow up to one day be apart of! 

Before kids, I worked in a mixed animal veterinary practice before getting offered a position at a local feed store.  They were expanding and introducing their company to the online world and wanted me to help be apart of expanding their online sales and marketing department.  I got married about a year after the job switch, had our twins a year later, and became a stay at home mom working part time. I've been in the online sales and marketing industry for 6 years.  I spent a long time trying to discover my true passion in life, which after several years of trying to find it, I alongside my dad, decided to found a company based off of the same "good 'ol fashion values" (as we call it) that he and I were raised up on.  We love and are passionate about helping people! Rural America is where our heart is.  It's a place that many people, just like us, know and love. Unfortunately, due to the changing times and expanding online markets, as well as the development of big box stores, the towns and amazing businesses created by people in rural America are struggling. We have experienced this in our own rural communities or surrounding communities here in Iowa.  There is so, SO much rural America has to offer, and we hate seeing small towns be affected by the changing times.  We decided that's EXACTLY where we would help!  Enter..Backwoods Bliss. 

Backwoods Bliss "Uniquely Rural" was Founded by my dad (Darrell) & I about a year or so ago. ( I'll do a blog post about him later so keep watching!).  "Backwoods" represents small town, rural America and "Bliss" represents the amazing creations/products that come from small town, rural communities.  "Uniquely Rural" represents the products that we will be introducing to you.  One of a kind, amazing, unique finds that you won't find anywhere else! 

Our products are sourced from small town, rural communities from all across the United States, specifically towns of 50,000 people or less.  We are passionate about being a voice to those who want to show the public how amazing their products are! We personally shop small and love all of the things we find, and now we bring to you the same joy and happiness created when you shop small and support those people and families trying to make a living, doing what their passionate about, in the rural communities they love!  As a woman who has a family of her own, I can't even express how important it is to me and how passionate I am about this opportunity! Being able to bring to the marketplace uniquely crafted and created products from rural American businesses while being able to show others all of the greatness small town brings gives me a great sense of happiness and peace! Also knowing that our company could be helping a little girl get dance shoes for the first time, a little boy raise his first calf, or being able to help families live out their dreams is something I will forever be grateful I'm put in this place to do! 

I can't wait to share more blogs with you, & I can't wait to introduce to you our new re-launch of Backwoods Bliss!  

Until Next Time,

Rochelle (Chelle)

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