Bring on the fireworks & sparklers! Our 1st annual 4th of July line is HERE!

Bring on the fireworks & sparklers! Our 1st annual 4th of July line is HERE!

With Memorial Day almost here, & 4th of July right around the corner, I'm reflecting on how quickly the year has flown by.   This is our first year for a 4th of July product line-up and I have to say, I'm very much excited!  

When I started creating these,  I was thinking about what I wanted to not only wear for the 4th of July but what are my kids going to wear?!  Typically the 4th of July is super hot, but there has been a few years where its been cooler.  So I knew I wanted to not only create something for myself and for my 4th of July "refresher" juice, but something the kids can wear too.  Honestly, until I became a mom, I never really got into decking out for any holiday (except Christmas which is my favorite) much less the 4th of July.  It kind of just always seemed like another day, or back when I was younger, another day off of school or work!  Now that I'm a mom, HECK YES we are going to be decked out!  I've had more fun during all of these holidays as a mom then I think I've ever had & hopefully, my kids have as much fun as me!

Our kids love life living on the farm, and love cows & horses so I thought it was fitting to create a patriotic farm shirt that they could sport around on the 4th!  That's where my inspiration came for "Buy Me Sparklers & Horses" or "Buy Me Sparklers & Cows" shirt.  My son LOVES his tractors too, and all things "farmer" so I couldn't get by without making a patriotic cow wearing a hat and sunglasses (sunglasses are not only my thing but now my kids thing) which is where the inspiration came for the "Tractor Cow" & "Bessie Cow" came in.  In fact, my son does have a couple of stuffed animals that he has named "tractor"! 

I also envisioned these being worn by siblings (we have twins) and of course, making stylish pictures for the year as we are making memories!  I think they would also be cute worn as not only sibling shirts, but as matching cousin shirts or best friend shirts!  I've had a lot of people request to send some of our products as a gift to friends and/or family, which we can absolutely do!  If your looking to send a fun surprise gift, especially to brighten someones day during these unique times, please reach out to me.  I'd love to help and send your friend or relative a gift with a personalized message from you! 

I hope everyone enjoys our 1st annual 4th of July line-up as much as I enjoy creating them and stay tuned...our summer line will be launching in the next couple of weeks!



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